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Gretchen Bell Reeson reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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When ever I bring my son to INSPIRE Martial Arts, his first question is - "Will Inst. Gross be there?" He is a high functioning autistic, and Instructor Susan has a way of listening to him and making him light up when he sees her. Can't wait for more kids to experience her brand of teaching!

Kati Peregoy reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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Sr. instructor Gross and her staff have a great way of making classes fun and exciting! She will melt you with her genuine smile and make you feel at home! Adult or child, you need to try the classes! You won't regret it!!!

Brandie Waters reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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The instructors are the sweetest bunch of people you could ever hope to meet! They have taught my son so much about respect and discipline. I couldn't be happier with the instruction and care he receives here after school!

Carrie Stevenson Williams-Jensen reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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Instructor Susan Gross will ensure that you always leave class with a smile on your face. You will leave energized and wanting more! Sometimes life's lessons are hard, but Instructor S. Gross will help you to remove your obstacles! Learning to defend yourself will be a by-product of your time spent on this mat. Instructor S. Gross has an infectious smile and energy that you will want to be a part of. She will care about you and your children as individuals and will work hard to ensure that your needs are met. You are so lucky to have her!!

Ashley Waters Johnson reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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This place continues to change mine and my daughter's lives daily!! The instructors are amazing and have become a huge encouragement in many of our goals. I highly recommend martial arts world of Ashland!!!

Jessika Clarke reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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Out of all places I've had the pleasure of being a part of, Inspire has by far been the most amazing. The atmosphere and community surrounding Inspire is truly INSPIRATIONAL! Over the past year, i've learned more and grown more than i have ever before. Truly grateful to be part of such an amazing place and to see everyone here grow a little more each day! :)

Cathy Cumbia Fetty reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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My son enjoys Inspire Martial Arts so much. He has grown in so many ways and his confidence thanks to Instructor Gross has blossomed. As parents we find it a great place to watch all ages lift one another up with positive words and encouragement. The energy is always amazing! We are so pleased this business made its way to our town and our son is a part of such an awesome group.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Are you chasing that shiny object?

Are you chasing that shiny object?

I am involved in many business related facebook groups and one of the things I have noticed are the shiny object peddlers – The Next Big Thing, HEY look at me!

In life we have many distractions that can get in the way of true success. Turn on late night TV and you can get rich, have amazing abs, lose weight for only 3 easy payments of $19.95. But wait there’s more! If you are one of the first callers in the next 10 minutes you can get 2 for the price of 1! With all of these amazing products and offers…

Why is adult depression at and all time high?
Why is suicide on the rise?
Why are we still in credit card debt?
Why is one out of every 5 deaths directly related to diet?
Why are we more technologically advanced than any time in history yet we keep going down hill?

The following techniques from the Inspire Martial Arts Curriculum will break down the steps you need to easily improve your direction to “Create Your Best Life”.

#1 – Go from Distracted (looking for the next shiny object) to Decisive.

Decisive means to set a goal. Goals give us direction. As a father sometimes I have seen my son not want to get up and go to school. Periodically we will get push back on heading to football practice or martial arts. Cleaning his room or taking out the trash isn’t always met with enthusiasm. But, in almost 16 years, I have never had to wake my son up on Christmas morning. Every Christmas without fail around 6:00 am we hear: “Daddy, Daddy, Momma, Momma” — “Yes KJ” —“He came!”

You see, goals give us mental energy. The excitement of waking up and finding out what is under the tree gives him energy. We can have that same energy on a daily basis by being decisive about where we are going. Just this morning my long time student and supporter invited Kati and me too an all expenses paid vacation to Paradiso De la Bonita resort in the Riviera Maya. I am blown away that my student and supporter simply wants to give back for what they received (and I will do a future article on relationships and building a team of success minded friends) but the excitement I felt to go on a fun, amazing vacation reminded me of the importance of having exciting and fulfilling goals.

#2 – Discipline yourself to create habits that support your goals.

I am a very motivated person and not afraid to go for it. Throughout my life the ups and downs have been extreme. I worked hard and made a million dollars several times. Unfortunately, I was able to lose those millions just as fast. I watched some friends and people that I mentored pass me in different areas of success. At first I made excuses and blamed others but then I sat down and said WHY? They aren’t smarter than I am. They aren’t more passionate. They don’t work harder than I do. What is missing? What do I need to change?

Finally it hit me like a truck. HABITS! My best friend Grandmaster Edmund Ciarfella is the epitome of habits. I have traveled all over the world with him and his wife Master Teresa Ciarfella. I started to study them and learned a major lesson that changed my life. They have habits. They wake up meditate— not once in a while— EVERY DAY. Take vitamins, eat the same healthy things, exercise the same every day, disciplined in business, and on and on. The habits you do make your day, your days make your week, your weeks make your months and your months make your years. The consistent actions on a daily basis create a predictable result. You are your habits, your habits are your destiny.

$5 habits lead to $5 results, and $1000 habits lead to $1000 results. Create habits that add up to you achieving your goal.

#3 – Create an Unwavering Devotion to your Dreams

I see so many people that have dreams that are actually more like “wants”. It would be nice— but, am I really willing to sacrifice my comfort for an uncertain outcome?

People are living this utilitarian life of safety. Go to work to pay the mortgage and car payment, have a little distraction on the weekends and maybe a vacation now and then. But don’t upset the apple cart because I don’t want to lose my benefits at the job I don’t really like. I see people spend enough at the movie theater to pay most of their gym membership or buy a book for a few hours of distraction only to return back to that mediocre life.

You have to create a dream in all areas of live that is unwavering. A dream that you wake up and that is the first thing you think about. Whenever I lose focus of my purpose I always feel myself backsliding and being unhappy.

Have fun, be creative, it’s your dream to fulfill. Here are a few of mine:

My relationship goal with Kati. – Let’s give it 50 years and sit down and see if this is what we really want.

My relationship with KJ – Do whatever it takes to make sure that he is excited to bring the grandchildren over for Thanksgiving.

My goal with Inspire Martial Arts. – To help as many people as possible to be truly happy.

My financial goal – To have “x” amount coming in no matter where I am or what I am doing. To not worry about money so I can focus on helping people to figure out how to be happy.

My health goal – For my body to support me to do what it takes, for as long as it takes to help people figure out how to be happy.

I have many goals but the key is to have goals that get your juices flowing. Have goals that make you smile. Have goals that mean so much to you that no detractor, no obstacle will be able to sway you from completion.


Get a dream.

Create the habits that support that dream.

And never, ever, quit!

With Love and Respect,

Master Winkle